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The Decathlon Shopping and Sports Center is a store of the French company Decathlon, specializing in the development, production and retail of sporting goods for more than seventy sports. The building is located on Weiner Street – one of the most popular places in Yekaterinburg among tourists visiting the capital of the Urals. This is one of the few pedestrian streets of the city, the so-called "Ural Arbat".

The car parking access control and management system is equipped with 2 Smart PR number identification cameras, 2 XP0012 entry/exit displays, 1 XP1203 barrier, 1 XP792X automatic cash register.

Project Name: Decathlon
Shopping Center Location: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region
Client: Bluehouse LLC
Solutions: AMANO parking system

The purpose of the project: The organization of autonomous access control to the parking space of the shopping center without parking tickets.

Additional preferences: Fully autonomous system of stowaway access to the parking lot, number identification cameras, reverse operation of the barrier, placement of navigation signs and markings in the parking lot.

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