AMANO Mobile Apps
AMANO's mobile applications solve the daily tasks of both customers and parking operators
AMANO Mobile Apps
As a global market leader in the parking industry, Amano is constantly innovating and developing solutions in such a way as to increase usability and at the same time reduce operator costs. One of the factors that allow Amano to do this is a wide range of mobile applications that are available for both Android and iOS devices. Web services used for the interaction of our applications with parking lots are also available to third-party integrators.
Operator's Application
The point-of-sale app was developed to provide operators with the ability to quickly respond to exceptional and/or unexpected circumstances. In the application, they have a fully mobile cashier at their disposal, which they can use to scan or sell tickets and/or season tickets to customers. It even allows you to temporarily use any flat surface as parking during events: even without the usual equipment, you will be able to correctly register and bill people using your parking. The application can also be used to perform basic operations, such as opening barriers in the event of a technical failure.
Parking Client Application

The Xparc user application consists of various modules that can be activated individually. Together, they improve the overall impression of the driver from parking and help to form loyalty to your parking. Please note that not all of these solutions will be supported by any Amano parking. This largely depends on local standards and available technologies.

The electronic ticket is a modern successor to the traditional parking ticket on paper, available on the end user's smartphone. Customers can pay for an e-ticket directly in the app, so there is no need to queue at the checkout. Payment takes place in a secure environment using a credit card. By using an electronic ticket, operators can significantly save on equipment and operating costs, such as cash handling. In addition, since the flow of parking facilities will go more smoothly, the overall impression of parking can be significantly improved.

Using Shop&Stay municipalities and city councils can reserve parking spaces for those who actually visit local retail stores. When drivers enter the parking lot, their license plate is automatically registered using ANPR technology, and they are given a certain amount of grace time. They can extend this time by scanning the QR code in the app at local stores. People who don't use the app can do the same by entering their license plate number in the retailer's app. The amount of additional grace time can be set individually depending on the estimated time of visiting the store. The user-friendly interface informs the application user as soon as he starts running out of time and gives instructions on how to get back to the car.

In parking lots where QR technology is not offered (yet), Scan&Pay allows you to pay for parking tickets in the app. At the entrance, drivers receive a printed ticket, which they can scan and pay for when leaving the parking lot. Of course, this intermediate solution will most likely disappear when all Amano parking lots are equipped with the latest technologies; but for now it is an effective solution that brings great benefits to the end user when parking.

With the e-Reservation function, drivers can easily find, reserve and pay for a parking space. People using this app are more likely to become regular customers because they know that there will be free space for them. To be sure that they will always find their way back, the location of their car is marked in the application, and you can drive to it using the built-in signs in the application. An electronic booking system can be linked to discount systems that reward people for their buying behavior, loyalty, or anything else.

The subscription replenishment application allows users to extend the validity of their physical subscription in a digital environment. Several types of cards and "parking currencies" are supported (=minutes, points or a certain period), which makes the application convenient for everyone. In addition to the fact that the subscription replenishment application helps to improve the overall parking experience, it helps to significantly save on equipment and/or staff costs.
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