XOFFICE allows you to take maximum from the parking
Office is an extensive and reliable parking management software consisting of various modules that can be activated depending on your individual needs. This makes it an ideal solution for any type of parking, from parking lots for small and medium-sized businesses to more complex facilities at the airport or shopping center. In addition, we offer various interfaces for integration into external systems, so that Xoffice perfectly meets the needs of various vertical markets.
  • 1
    Booking systems
  • 2
    Integration with the OPERA software interface
  • 3
    Counting parking spaces
  • 4
    Third-party mobile applications
  • 5
    Discounts for customers
  • 6
    Managing seasonal maps
  • 7
    Third-party payment solutions
  • 8
    Much more
Xoffice is not a static product, but a solution that is in the process of continuous development. We are constantly making every effort to expand the solution with innovative features and bring it in line with constantly changing laws and regulations.
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