AMANO Devices
Reliable, modern and beautiful parking equipment
AMANO Devices
Xparc devices have a modern appearance, which greatly contributes to the positive perception of your parking by the customer. In addition, a high degree of modularity provides limitlessness in all aspects: whether it concerns the number of devices, users, administrators or anything else, all this can be configured without any restrictions! By replacing paper tickets with mobile apps and integrating payment methods with credit cards and mobile devices, we have developed our Xparc solution as completely paperless. Thus, we want to protect the environment and eliminate fixed costs for the parking operator.

The "one enclosure fits all" approach is at the heart of the entire Xparc product line. This means that all devices can be easily supplemented with numerous additional functions without the need to change their appearance, for example, payment by credit card at the payment terminal, check-out/cashier, the ability to choose between single and multi-currency, a reader or a banknote utilizer, and so on. This ensures a very short time to market and even allows you to upgrade existing devices.
Additional features
The following additions will help you get the most out of parking Xparc
  • ANPR and CCTV technology
    Thanks to ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology, license plates can be automatically recognized by cameras. In combination with standard video surveillance, this greatly contributes to improving the security of your parking.
  • Entry and exit devices for cars and trucks
    The Xparc entry and exit devices can be equipped with a second screen at the level of the truck drivers' seats. This way they no longer have to get out of their truck to get to the parking lot.
  • Door readers for pedestrian access
    Door readers allow you to restrict access only to those people whose cars are parked in your parking lot. This significantly reduces the risk of theft and vandalism.
  • Compact devices for small areas
    Not enough space? No problem! There are more compact devices available that are suitable for parking lots of all shapes and sizes.
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