eVolve Rapid
The most compact urban DC charger.
The eVolve Rapid series is designed to provide fast charging at small private facilities that do not have access to large high-capacity power supply infrastructure (small electric vehicle fleets, car dealerships, car-sharing companies, small private parking lots, etc.) in order to increase the charging speed of electric vehicles in these places without large investments.

Conceptual design
Thanks to Circontrol's many years of experience in the field of slow and/or semi-fast public charging, as well as its Raption series with fast charging, the eVolve Rapid series was launched as a fast charging solution that is ideal for small private places and has two models for wall or floor installation (wall box and pole).

It is designed to reduce the charging time of electric vehicles with more capacious batteries, which, when charged for an hour from the AC network, will be able to travel almost 150 km with the same charging time and in the same case, but with a power reserve of a little more than 40 or 60 km (depending on the model).

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